The Pinto (Paint) Breed

Pinto/Paint Breed Description

Tobiano Colouring The tobiano is distinguished by a white base coat with large patches of solid colour. The tobiano may be either predominantly dark or white. The head may be completely solid, or have a blaze, strip, star or snip. Usually, all four legs are white, or have white below the knees. The spots are somewhat rounded, and extend down the neck and chest. Usually the solid colour appears on one or both flanks. The tail is often two colours.
Overo Colouring The ovaro has a basic solid colour with irregular splashes of white over it. It may be either predominantly dark or white. Typically, the white will not cross the back between the withers and the tail. One or more legs will be dark. The head has bold white markings, such as a bald face. The tail is usually one colour.

Pinto/Paint Breed History

In North America, the Pinto can be traced back to the two-toned horses exported to America in the 16th century by the Spanish explorers. The Pinto is distinguished by its coloration, and is found all over the world. Only in North America does it have breed status.

The words “Pinto” and “Paint” both refer to horses with a light and dark coat pattern, but actually the terms have different meanings beyond the coloration. Basically, Pinto horses can be of any breed, so long as they sport the colourful coat. Paint horses come from parents that are purebred, registered Quarter Horses or Thoroughbreds, and that sport the light and dark coat pattern.

The Pinto Horse Association of America was created in 1956, and the Pinto gained breed status in America in 1963. The Association recognizes four types of coloured horse:

1. Stock type
Horse: Western horse of predominantly Quarter Horse breeding and conformation
Pony: Western type displaying conformation associated with Quarter Horse and original Shetland Pony

2. Hunter type
Horse: English horse of predominantly Thoroughbred breeding
Pony: Displays conformation associated with Thoroughbred and Connemara Pony

3. Pleasure type
Horse: Horse of predominantly Arabian or Morgan breeding
Pony: Displays carriage and conformation associated with the Arabian, Morgan and Welsh Pony

4. Saddle type
Horse: English horse of predominantly Saddlebred, Hackney or Tennessee Walking Horse breeding displaying the high head carriage and animated high action of these breeds
Pony: English type pony displaying the carriage, action and animation of the Saddlebred and Tennessee Walking Horses and modern style Shetland and Hackney Ponies.

American Paint Horses have the strict bloodline requirements and a distinctive body type. To be registered in the American Paint Horse Association (APHA), a Paint must come from stock registered with the APHA, the American Quarter Horse Association, or the Jockey Club (Thoroughbreds). Registered Paints are intelligent, stock-type horses that are athletic, versatile, and powerfully built. They are short-coupled, strong-boned, well-balanced and beautiful horses. They usually stand 15 – 16 hands high.

Whether Pinto or Paint, each horse has a unique combination of white and any one of the following colours: black, bay, brown, chestnut, dun, grulla, sorrel, palomino, gray and roan.

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