The Care of Horses

Beginner’s Guide to Owning a Horse

The pleasure one derives from having a horse is wonderful, but one should never forget that owning a horse involves a great number of responsibilities. The owner must be willing and able to provide the horse with more than food, water and shelter – a safe place to exercise, a meticulously clean stable, proper hoof care, frequent grooming and appropriate veterinary care are necessities too. Attention and affection are also top priorities. The horse depends on the owner for its quality of life and well-being. Every day, no matter how busy the owner is, or how bad the weather is, the horse has to be fed and watered, and the stall must be cleaned. The horse should also be groomed, and checked for any sign of poor health. If the owner can’t personally fulfil these obligations, then a reliable horse sitter should be found. So before you invest in a horse, you must determine if you can also invest in the time and effort and money involved in owning a horse.

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